Table 14.01 - All phrases in HyperVibes containing the term thirds

thirds mentioned in the Keely Literature

adjusted thirds antagonistic thirds chord of its thirds chords in intervals of thirds chords of E flat with thirds chords of the thirds clustered thirds compound vibration of their mass thirds concentrative thirds confliction by thirds diatonic thirds differential diameters of thirds discordant thirds dominant thirds enharmonic thirds expressible in thirds harmonic attractive chord, thirds harmonic thirds harmonic undulatory by thirds harmonious adjustment of the thirds harmony of thirds inversions of thirds major thirds mass thirds mathematical relations of thirds consonant thirds minor thirds molecular concordant thirds movement in thirds musical thirds negative thirds negative transmissive chords of the thirds negatizing the thirds neutral thirds neutralized thirds phased in thirds progression of thirds progressive thirds proportions of thirds relations of thirds reverse thirds simple thirds subdivision of thirds succession of thirds summations of thirds tempered thirds thirds of the mass chord thirds of the thirds thirds of the whole thirds untempered thirds: molecular dissociation triple thirds varying thirds vibrations in thirds

vibratory antagonistic thirds
Table 14.01 - All phrases in HyperVibes containing "thirds" found in the digitized Keely literature. (All of the Keely literature has yet to be digitized).
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