7.16 - Seventh

"All structures, whether crystalline or homogeneous, have for their unit structures minute bodies called molecules. It is the motion of these molecules with which we have particularly to deal; as in experimental research and demonstration, when we produce an action upon one molecule we do so upon all the molecules constituting the mass operated upon." Keely, 1893

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Molecules as Tuning Forks in Sympathy - As one vibrates so do all
Molecules as Tuning Forks in Sympathy - As one vibrates so do all
Taking molecules in a mass (circle) as small tuning forks. When one is disturbed they are all equally disturbed.

"These same researches have enabled Keely to pronounce definitely as to the nature of what is recognized as gravity, an ever-existing, eternal force, coexistent with the compound etheric, or high luminous, entering into all forms of aggregated matter at their birth. Keely thinks that gravity is the source from which all visible matter springs, and that the sympathetic or neutral center of such aggregation becomes at birth a connective concordant link to all neutral centres that have preceded it and to all that may succeed it, and that disturbance of equilibrium, like gravity, is an ever-existing force." [Bloomfield-Moore, Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter XI, Part II See Celestial Radiation]

In Walter Russell's worldwide acclaimed book, [The Secret of Light], is the following fragment quoted from [The Message of the Divine Iliad]:

"Again I say that all things extend to all things, from all things, and through all things. For, to thee I again say, all things are Light, and Light separates not; nor has it bounds; nor is it here and not there. [See Celestial Radiation]

"Man may weave the pattern of his Self in Light of Me, and of his image in divided Lights of Me, e'en as the sun sets up its bow of many hues from divided Light of Me, but man cannot be apart from Me, as the spectrum cannot be apart from Light of Me.

"And as the rainbow is a light within the light, inseparable, so is Man's Self within Me, inseparable; and so is his image My image.

"Verily I say, every wave encompasseth every other wave unto the One; and the many are within the One, e'en down to the least of waves of Me.

"And I say further that every thing is repeated within every other thing, unto the One. [See Fractal]

"And furthermore I say, that every element which man thinketh of as of itself alone is within every other element, e'en to the atom's veriest unit.

"When man queries thee in this wise: 'Sayest thou that in this iron there is gold and all things else?' thou may'st answer: 'Within the sphere, and encompassing it, is the cube, and every other form that is; and within the cube, and encompassing it, is the sphere, and every other form that is."

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