The universe is dual - the still magnetic universe of reality and the dynamic electric, radial two-way universe of illusion which extends from the static universe at an angle of ninety degrees.

In the dynamic electric universe there are two directions - inward and outward radially from a still point of magnetic Light to still planes of magnetic Light. All motion within magnetic wave fields is controlled by the Creator. (Figs. 29, 30)



"For behold, I am within all things, centering them, and I am without all things, controlling them." - From THE DIVINE ILIAD

The inward radial direction is North - the compressive direction of gravity which multiplies potential by compressing light waves radially into smaller volumes of greater frequencies. The outward radial direction is South - the expansive direction of radiation which divides potential by expanding light waves into larger volumes of lesser frequencies. (Fig. 31)

The Division and Multiplication Principle

The two directions of the static universe are East and West. They are static because they are spherical. They follow curved planes of unchanging equipotential pressures, such as the contour of the earth or sun or of the orbits of planets or floating clouds. East and West do not oppose each other. Each arrives at its own starting point without change of potential. (Fig. 32)

East-West Vectors

North and South, on the contrary, diametrically oppose each other. They are constantly changing. They seek opposite directions, each passing through the other in opposite spiral lanes; each interchanging with the other as it passes; each voiding the other through that interchange, and each becoming the other because of it. (Fig. 33)

Spiral Galaxy

East-West spherical planes form the axes of light waves from which the dynamic universe extends its gyroscopic wave, radially, at amplitudes of ninety degrees and also its other gyroscopic octave tones at the varying degrees of pressures where the elements of matter are formed.

East-West spherical planes are also the fulcrums of wave levers which curve gravity as they pump high potential into low to expand solids into the gases of space, and low potential into high to compress light waves into the solids of earths. (Fig. 34)

East-West Spherical Planes

Incandescent suns of white hot light are born from cold black darkness and cold dark space is born from white hot suns.

"Positive electricity is force generated against pressure resistance. Positive intensity increases with contraction due to pressure resistance in streams flowing in opposite directions. Positive electricity is the accumulating, absorbing, endothermic force of contraction which seeks higher pressures." [Russell, from chart: The Cosmic Pendulum]

"Mathematical Relations are Constant
The mathematical relations of any wave of energy never change. All dimensions expand and contract in opposite directions of the same ratio." [Mathematical Relations are Constant]

When the fruit juices that have flourished in the Sun begin to ferment, it is a sign that reactive temperature differences have triggered the fermenting movement, which in the initial stages has to separate the inferior from the superior. The former will be separated and centrifugated out through cycloid-space-curve-motion. The latter interconnects with itself, as it were, and the product of this remarkable marriage process is that something, which also brings us out of the delicately balanced equilibrium that the Earth ceaselessly enjoys. Not being in a state of stable equilibrium, she has constantly to rotate about her own axis in a form of movement that declinates and oscillates in two directions. This is how she generates the inversely symmetrically- and inversely proportionally-acting force, which enables everything that crawls and flies on this dung-heap Earth to move 'originally' (autonomously) in order to seek out its food, which also contains allotropic energy-producing substances. These are then broken down through the vibration of the organs, leading to the familiar development of physical strength and mental vigour, whose ur-causes have not been perceived by physico-technical scientists, who calculate with common calories and measure them with decimal scales and rulers. Moreover, they also believe they have captured everything with their tweezers that is proper to Nature. Unfortunately, however, this cannot be accomplished with such an instrument, because the producer of 'measure' and 'weight' is an imperceptible extraordinary energy-form, which as the 'essential' is the 'reactivated' itself, which actively moves the ordinary. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, New Forms of Motion and Energy]

But now to the example mentioned earlier: In the 'normal' course of cellar fermentation two different (reactive and active) temperature differences (this two-fold concept will be described later) trigger off that special form of motion which, after the expulsion of the less valuable in two opposite directions, gives rise to ethereal energetic matrices that also operate in the same two directions. A destructive force that self-intensifies by the square is activated, whose function is to return to the Earth as quickly as possible, everything that would inflict damage on that which explains all life and movement, and which moves in the other direction (vertically) towards its objective. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Economy Founded on Reactively Produced Energy]

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