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"If the persistency of our vision could be reversed, so as to have the power to follow the track of the molecule's oscillations under a high condition of vibratory acceleration, associated with the assisting power of the finest instruments known at present in scientific research, it would not help us to determine the period of time wherein the sympathetic actions in nature are propagated. Therefore, we cannot with any degree of certainty, establish a foundation whereon observation, so associated, is reliable. (Theoretically explained in "Soul of Matter.")

"As far as my [Keely] researches have gone, I find that there is but one condition approaching reliability, and that is in computing the intermittent periodic disturbances along a nodal vibratory transmitter the nodes of gold, silver and platina a fixed number placed at such different distances along its line, as to take up and equalize (by a certain order of vibratory transmissions) the chord masses of the nodal interferences between the triple metals of which the nodes are composed, and also the acoustic introductory impulse of whatever chord is set. This will determine the rate of their accelerated molecular oscillation, so induced beyond their normal standard, and give us some definite figures in the computing of vibration, thousands of billions of times more than those of light.

"Light is induced by electromagnetic percussion emanating from the ether, and in its action represents the plane of magnetism. In fact, it is the plane of magnetism when under polarization. (Platina wires the thickness of a fine hair associated with each of the nine nodal beads, and concentrated towards a general center of focalization, attaching the other end of the wires to the focal center, will determine, by the magnetic conduction, the number of corpuscular oscillations per second induced by a thought, either positive or negative, in the central centers. These are the only conditions those of magnetic conduction whereby the evolution of a thought can be computed in regard to its force under propagation, as against the amount of latent energy set free to act as induced by such thought on the physical organism.) Some scientific theories of the past have taught us that electricity and magnetism are one and the same thing. Sympathetic vibratory philosophy teaches that they are two distinct forces of one of the triune sympathetic family.

"I will try to make comprehensible the computation of the number (even to infinity) of the corpuscular oscillations, induced on the introductory ninths, over their normal standard. The molecules of all visible masses, when not influenced by surrounding acoustic vibratory impulses, move at a rate of 20,000 oscillations per second, one third of their diameters. We have before us one of these masses, either a silver dollar, a pound weight, a horseshoe, or any other metallic medium, which I associate to one of my nodal transmitters, the other end of which is attached to the clustered thirds (or third octave) of my focalizing neutral concentrator. Another transmitter, of gold, silver and platina sections, is attached to the sixth cluster of same disk, the other end of which is connected to resonating sphere on my compound instrument, all of which must be brought to a state of complete rest. Then, a slight tap, with a vulcanite rubber hammer on the Chaldni resonating disk, will accelerate the 20,000 molecular oscillations to 180,000 per second, an increase of nine times the normal number. The nine nodes each touching the extreme end, next the mass operated upon, in this arrangement, silver, gold, platina, make up the nine. When I associate the seventh, I start with gold and end with platina, always on the triplets. Silver represents the lowest introductory third, gold the next and platina the highest. If we start with a gold node, the multiplication on oscillation will be nine times nine or 81 times the 20,000 which is 1,620,000 per second. Each node represents one wave length of a certain number of vibrations when shifted along the transmitter, over the section representing its opposite metal. The shifting of the gold one over the silver extreme section will hold the corpuscular range of the mass velocity at 1,620,000 per second, the introductory chord being set at B third octave. It requires an accelerated oscillation on the molecules of a soft steel mass, at that chord, of a transmissive multiplication of the full nine, in order to induce a rotary action on the neutral center indicator of focalizing disk, which, by computation, means, per second, 156,057,552,198,220,000 corpuscular intermittent oscillations to move the disk 110 revolutions per second. This represents the multiplication on the first nodal dissociator of the ninth. The second transition, on the same would mean this number multiplied by itself, and the residue (product) of each multiplication by itself 81 times progressively. This throws us infinitely far beyond computation leaving us only on the second of the full ninth, towards reaching the sympathetic corpuscular velocity attending the high luminiferous. I have induced rotation up to 123 revolutions per second to accomplish, but even this vibration represents only a minute fraction of the conditions governing the sympathetic vitality which exists in the far luminous centers.

"The interposition of hydrogen gas between soap films, of the differential diameters of thirds, illuminated by a solar ray in whose focus a quiescent prism is set posteriorly the prism to be adjusted at the proper distance and angle to throw the seven colors through the film enclosing the hydrogen in a way that will give the bow and arch of three feet will register deep down, inaudible tones or sounds, and indicate their different conditions by the dissolving and re-dissolving of certain of the colors of such arch. To conduct such experiments properly necessitates, first, a location as nearly isolated from all extraneous audible sounds as is possible to get, and second, a pedestal of the lowest vibrating material, the base of it set deep in the earth, to arrange the instruments upon, and third, a room of the highest resonating qualities to enclose them. Under such conditions the inaudible sounds emanating from the operator, would have to be neutralized by a negative device to get at the proper conditions while under his manipulation. Thus the hidden inaudible world of sounds could be shown up, as the microscope shows up to the eye the hidden invisible forms of nature.

"The conditions of the mechanical requirements necessary to conduct successfully the line of research I am now pursuing, will never be properly appreciated until the beauty of this system is shown up under perfect control for commercial use.

"I have spoken elsewhere of the almost infinite difficulties of getting into position, to hold hydrogen gas in suspension between soap film a proper period of time, to conduct these experiments. The setting of the other parts of the apparatus is quite easy in comparison. All wave propagations, electromagnetic or otherwise by being thus refracted can be measured in regard to the time of their propagation all of which are introductorily subservient to the luminiferous ether. The theory put forward by "men of science" in regard to electromagnetic forces shows that they are misled by the imperfection of their instruments. They are trying to measure the infinite by the finite, necessitating terms of avoidance, to the instantaneous propagation of nature's sympathetic evolutions, of the same nature as the one advanced in the assertion that a force does not exist in the interstitial embrace of all matter.

"Maxwell's theory is correct that the plane of polarized light is the plane of magnetic force. The sympathetic vibrations associated with polarized light constitute the pure coincident of the plane of magnetism. Therefore, they both tend to the same path, for both are interatomic, assimilating sympathetically in a given time, to continue the race together, although one precedes the other at the time of experimental evolution. The time is approaching when electromagnetic waves with an outreach of two feet will be produced, having an energy equal to that now shown up on the magnet when it is about to kiss its keeper, and showing a radiating force too stupendous for actual measurement.

"I have already shown, to a certain point, the power of this radiation, by breaking a rope that had a resisting strain of over two tons, which was attached to the periphery of a steel disk, twelve inches in diameter, moving at the slow rate of one revolution in two minutes, its molecular structure vitalized with 42,800 vibrations per second. There was no retardation while breaking the rope, and no acceleration when it was broken. This experiment has been repeated scores of times, before scores of visitors.

"When the triple introductory impulse is transmitted towards the mass to be sensitized, it subserves the molecular concordant thirds and antagonizes the discordant sixths extending the range of their oscillating paths, and thus induces the highest order of repellant antagonism towards the center of neutral equilibrium.

"We will now follow out, in their progressive orders, the conditions necessary to give to these acoustic introductory impulses the power, as transmitted through the proper media, to induce molecular dissociation.

"First: It I wish to disturb and bring into action the latent force held in the embrace of any molecular mass, I first find out what the harmonic chord or note of its mass represents, and as no two masses are alike, it would seem to necessitate an infinite number of variations to operate on different masses, but such is not the case. All masses can be subserved to one general condition by the compound mechanical devices which I use for that purpose. We will suppose that the mass to be experimented upon, when chorded, represents B flat. Then, first, the negative radiating focalizing bar on the disk is liberated from its dampening rod, and associated with the magnetic defocalizing one. There are seven ranges of bars in all.

(See symbol representing sympathetic transmissive chord of B flat, third octave on third diatonic.)

The seven assemblings are in this order:


"The second step is to liberate, according to symbolic meaning, second harmonic on sixths, or neutralizing one, and third, enharmonic ninths, which is the one counting from negative sevenths. Now all is in readiness for the transmissive nodal wire, one end of which must be attached to the magnetic dispersing ring, over the negative sevenths cluster, and the other end to the high polar negative attractor. Then, one end of a transmitting wire, of very fine proportions of gold, silver and platina, is connected to the resonating sphere, and the other end to the mass to be experimented upon. I then give to the siren a rotatory impulse of a velocity to indicate the concordant mass attached. If the introductory settings are all right, the neutral center indicator will rotate with high velocity, and a single tap on the Chaldni wave plate is all that is necessary to induce pure evolution.

"Either attraction or dispersion can be induced on any mass by setting the instrument to the proper triple introductory positions, towards the mass chords it represents, either positive or negative.

"This system of evolution might be expressed as disintegration induced by the intensified oscillations of interatomic electromagnetic waves.

"How plainly this principle of harmonic sympathetic evolution indicates the structural condition of the atom as one of wonder fully complex form, as also is the progressive step toward it in the molecular and intermolecular field. During the effect induced by disintegration of molecular mineral masses there is no molecular collision when forced asunder from their radiating centers of neutrality. Their atomic and interatomic centers seek their media of tenuous affinity in the far borders of the etheric field, leaving all metallic masses, that are associated with them, behind in their virgin form."

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