6.1 - Reciprocal Radiations

Radiation from a center emits in all directions resulting in cubic form. The centers of each potential centralization are in a dynamical latent state (neutral) unless excited by Will Force to disperse or concentrate forms or states of being. They are centers of Neutrality when not excited or stimulated. They may also be considered as nascent Dark Matter when not polarized and centralized. When excited and therefore polarized to either disperse or concentrate there is instigated an "Outreach" or field or space or distance affected or influenced by the intent of the Will Force which behaves sympathetically ala quantum entanglement -wise. How much of that dispersed is required to fulfill the creation of the desired end result? This quantity set by laws of fulfillment are encompassed or reached by this field and its "Outreach" or its zone of influence. This field or Outreach is sympathetic in that all that it reaches responds sympathetically to its call when harmonic and not at all when enharmonic - pure sympathy being pure concordance. Fields may be enharmonic on one level of its overtone series but harmonic on different or other levels of its series of overtones. When the frequencies between centers or aggregated sub-centers is an unison or harmonic of unison the centers are connecting link| via these sympathetic vibrations and oscillations and will be mutually attractive to/with one another. Enharmonic vibrations are not sympathetic (attractive) but instead are anti-sympathetic (repulsive). Likewise dispersion is similar in both centers but in reverse polarization; i.e., mutually repulsive centralizations (dissociative). It does appear there are always some vibratory sympathy at some level of frequency (usually very high) regardless of apparent degree of Harmony on observable levels.

W and E are Dispersive Centers, Opposing Repellant Dispersive Radiations, Neutralizing at Interface Plane of Inertia

Figure 6.2 - W and E are Dispersive or Radiating Centers, Opposing Repellant Dispersive Radiations, Neutralizing at Interface Plane of Inertia (click to enlarge)

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