3.12 - Reciprocating Duality

Again, these are One Force moving in two opposite directions simultaneously and concurrently; i.e. reciprocally and proportionately. There can be no separating the One Force into two distinct forces although the One Force may appear to be one or the other at different times. The resultant motion is a spiraling inwardly and outwardly and spinning. If one polar axis is "tilted" (pulling on one pole and pushing on the other) there will be one polar flow. Simultaneously the structure becomes "twisted" (forming stria) and uniform containment is jeopardized. If two polar axis are "tilted" there will be a resultant polar flow at 90° to the first one.

"And you shall know that what emerges from one side of its equator is equal - but opposite to that which is on the other side - and that EACH WILL DISAPPEAR IN SEEMING DEATH TO REBORN EACH OTHER AS SEEMING LIFE. The anodes of the universe are likewise cathodes - and the cathodes are likewise anodes as surely as you, who breathe out, breathe in again to again breathe out - and as you who live, are dying as you live, and must forever die to forever live." [Home Study Course, Unit Seven. Lesson 25]

Compression and Expansion Forces in Gyroscopic Motions

Figure 3.28 - Compression and Expansion Forces in Gyroscopic Motions. (courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)

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