New Concept - XXXII - The Nucleus is the Hub of the Gyroscope Wheel


50. The nucleus of every atomic system is a single compressed mass, like the sun of our solar system. The nucleus is the highest potential and the greatest mass in its system. It is held together by the polarizing power of gravity against the resistance of the depolarizing power of radiation.

Every nuclear mass must first be "wound up" spirally by centripetal force before it can be spirally "unwound" by centrifugal force.

Just as men and women must approach maturity before they can bear children, so must suns be near their maturing points before they can bear planets to become atomic or solar systems.

51. Centripetal force is generative. It polarizes bodies from their source to their maturity. Centrifugal force is radiative. It depolarizes bodies and voids them at their source where motion ceases.

Centripetal force is the condition of gravitation which compresses thought-waves into body forms.

Centrifugal force is the condition of radiation which expands thought-waves to void form.

52. If all people would impress this fact indelibly upon their Consciousness, it would clarify all the mysteries which beset humanity. To really be aware of this fact is to be aware of the REALITY from which a simulation of reality extends in forms of Mind-imaginings and returns to rest from the electric strains of Mind-imaginings.

All things live and die - grow and decay - breathe in and out - cool and heat - compress and expand - solidify and liquefy - awaken and sleep to the mighty rhythm of the electric pendulum of the cosmos.

53. Growth-decay of the elements is the same process as growth-decay of a tree or of the life- death cycle of a man. The childhood, boyhood, and youth cycles of a maturing man are the same effects as the lithium, beryllium and boron cycles which precede carbon in the elements.

These first, second and third elements of the octave are considered to be different substances, each having different conductivity, density, malleability, tensile strength, potential and melting points. Science has not thought of these as being earlier stages in the growth of carbon, as one thinks of the growth of a man. However, science must begin to think that way in order to comprehend the simplicity of transmutation.

A child, a boy and youth are the same flesh and blood of his mature manhood. His appearance in each of these stages is utterly different. Likewise his attributes differ utterly in each cycle.

In his childhood cycle he desires such toys as rattles and dolls. In his boyhood cycle he utterly discards these for toy soldiers, bicycles, cowboy outfits and juvenile books. Later he discards these as his desires change for higher studies, football, skiing, golf and preparation for a career.

This process of growth is universal. As we see it in tree, violet. man, elephant or insect, we must likewise see it in the elements of accumulated time, or in the incredible speed of basic time. Every creating thing is based upon the wave, and the wave is a growth from a point of rest to a point of rest through gravitation, then back to that point of rest through radiation.
We must learn to think of all accumulating matter as retarded time which lengthens its intervals in the ratio in which matter appears.

Likewise we must think of time as a rhythmic illusion of motion sequences. Time appears only when motion-in-matter begins. Time disappears when motion sequences end.

Time is but the recorder of change. Remove change and time is likewise removed.

If one lived in perpetual light - or in perpetual dark - he would be living in a timeless universe. He could then create the illusion of time only as Nature creates it, by counting the sequences of his breathings, or his sleepings and awakenings - or his hungerings.

Time sequences are the wave reversals which swing Nature's pendulum between the births and deaths of all appearing-disappearing things.

Life is but a reversal of death - and death likewise is but a reversal of life.

Time counts births and adds them up into years, and centuries, and millenniums - but time also subtracts deaths from births to remain the zero which time is.

For time lives with life and dies with death as you and I and all things else likewise live and die to forever live again in this eternal universe of eternally-repeated illusion.

The senses record only the forward flow of time - but there is a backward flow of time which voids time, as there is a backward flow of life toward death which voids life.

This is a zero universe of EFFECTS which seem - but are not.

The fulcrum of the universe from which actions and reactions extend and return might be likened unto a mirror. As the action walks away from that mirror, it also extends the mirror's image which walks away with it. The reaction simultaneously walks the other way with its mirrored fulcrum ever centering it, to compensate and void the action.

Both action and reaction then come to rest and simultaneously withdraw within their fulcrum to regain the needed vitality to repeat the action of gravity and its radiative reaction.

54. Every effect of motion is voided as it occurs, is recorded (in its inert gases) as it is voided, and repeated as it is recorded.

Time has no existence. Entries in The Book of Time are but the mathematics of polarity reversals. As Nature adds up reversals of polarity, she also adds their rhythms into deeper tones of less vibration frequencies of retarded time. When Nature subtracts reversals, she also multiplies the rhythms of electric-wave vibrations which pulse in unison with those rhythms.

That is the sole reason why man senses time. TIME is but the pendulum of motion. Its office is to record the heartbeat of two way motion. Without reversals of motion TIME has no existence.

Time is but one of those many illusions which deceive man into believing that unreality is reality. It even deceives the greater savants of science into their attempts to design the shape of this shapeless universe. All of them include time in their imagined shapes of the universe.

Every point in the universe is an infinite mirrored extension from every point. Each point is the center of universal extension into that mirrored infinity which ends at its point of beginning. The universe. therefore, can have no shape.

By thus removing time as a reality in Nature, and by learning to think cyclically in the orderly rhythmic simplicity which Nature applies to all creating things, one will be greatly aided in his endeavor to see the universe as one whole.

With full understanding of this pulsing heartbeat principle of interchange between the two opposites of electric expression, the expanding universe theory would never have been conceived. [Walter Russell, A New Concept of the Universe, pages 92-96]

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