Russell - Keely Storyboard

A storyboard is a progression from an initiating point or idea through a progression of events to a final end point. In the case of Russell’s wave such a storyboard has to begin with the Void or Undifferentiated Mind of God. It would progress via integrating, centralizing and formative forces to Matter (peaking at Carbon) then via disintegrating, decentralizing and deformative energy states back to the originating Void. [See Figure 1.5 - Expanded Gamut of Mind and Matter Chart] The storyboard would identify all the discrete states along the way. I’ve been calling these states as wave functions. Which can be considered as a flip book of images that change gradually from state to state along the way. Each of flip cards in the flip book would include but not be limited to Void, Inertial Plane, Rings, Vortices, Stria, Formative Forces, Polar states and interactions, Centering, 90° conversion and expansion, then all of the above in reverse. Each and every point in the above must be linked to supporting Russell, Keely and conventional sources with text or graphics. To begin visualizing this storyboard we can begin with a list or outline as below:

  1. Void - Mind of God
  2. Inertial Plane
  3. Polarization
  4. Rings - Vortices
  5. Centralization - Formation
  6. Polar states
  7. Equator - rotating envelope
  8. Matter - Element Table
  9. Depolarization
  10. Deformation Energies
  11. Void - Mind of God

The above are only illustrative. More stages, steps or pages may be inserted into the list where required and appropriate. There are several computer animations on my YouTube channel created for this project:


NOTES: I have countless illustrations from Russell, Keely, my own and of others. These may be used in their appropriate places within this storyboard.

History of this Effort
1- In 1994 Mr. Tim Binder (the then president of USP) and I agreed to develop such a project. He gave me a copy of The Universal One to begin.

2- In 2000 Jerry Williams and I developed the first real storyboard at the Big Heart Ranch in Montana and took it to the USP conference in Virginia where I presented it in a three hour presentation that according to Laara was not recorded. I was in an altered state of consciousness while doing that presentation. I had no recollection of the passage of time. The three hours went by seemingly in no time.

3- Sometime around this time Jerry and I attended a three week workshop at the USP facility in Virginia. I do not remember if we did anything on the storyboard at that time. I do not think so. We were all quite busy.

4- Sometime within all this Mr. Yashuhiko (sp?) (then president of USP) gave me another copy of The Universal One to contribute to the storyboard as he agreed it was a good idea to pursue.

5- My creation of the SVP Cosmology over the years is an extension of this original idea. It never really got finished or polished. See here more history on this continuing development: History of the SVPwiki

6- I have a copy of some original storyboard work with the Russell material created in LiveCode. This is an excellent program to create efforts to collect and organize large data sets. I still have the many transparencies Jerry and I created in Montana that were used in the USP presentation. If you do not have a copy of this free program I strongly suggest downloading a copy. I have hundreds of data sets (stacks) developed in this program. Last I looked some years ago there were over 15,000 entries into my stacks. Only a few of these have been entered into SVPwiki. Who has the time? Included in these stacks, just as a for instance, are all or nearly all of Russell’s books - in word searchable format. These stacks are a researcher’s precious treasure.

7- In a sense the entire SVPwiki is a continuation and expansion of the above efforts in a general sense and only partially focused to address an insightful understanding of the specific Russell Wave concept. So to bring the focus to a point I’ve started yet another SVPwiki page (this page) devoted to the process of developing such a clear and distinct expose.

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