Keely vs Russell

Keely & Russell
Keely & Russell

I find it difficult to believe there are those out there who profess to know something about Russell and maybe something about Keely yet assert these two individuals' work have nothing to do with each other. I suspect such an unthought-out attitude comes from lack of open-minded research and jealousy originating in "person worship" as opposed to "truth worship". There are countless pages and concepts scattered throughout the SVPwiki that show exact parallels in their works though described with different words. For those too obtuse or lazy to do their own research we provide a partial (incomplete) list of items that show ideas, concepts and science shared by these two amazing individuals. The Truth is One.

"Arguments will seldom change the aspects or views of any. And truth itself needs no champion for it is of itself champion of champions..." [Cayce (1669-1)]

We can use the metaphor of many touching an elephant. They each touch a seemingly isolated part of the elephant; tail, trunk, ear, leg, etc. But until they work together and blend those impressions together none alone have seen the entire elephant.

"All motion is thought, and all force is mind force." [Keely, Keely and His Discoveries, pg 252]
"All motion is Mind-thinking and rest from Mind-thinking. Thinking is cyclic but the energy Source of thinking is eternal." [Russell, Atomic Suicide, page 191]

If we are here to learn we must be open-minded (neutral) in our evaluations.

  1. Russell's Law of Creation = Keely's and Macvicar's Law of Assimilation
  2. Rhythmic Balanced Interchange both matched
  3. Russell's universal constant of energy = Keely's Atomoles, Universal Energy
  4. Russell's Fulcrum = Keely's Neutral Center
  5. Motion both matched
  6. Russell Cube = Keely Cube
  7. Russell's Father and Male = Keely's Syntropy (Harmonic mode) see Modes of Vibration
  8. Russell's Mother and Female = Keely's Entropy (Enharmonic mode) see Modes of Vibration
  9. Russell's Light of Mind = Keely's Light of Mind
  10. Russell's Magnetic Still Light = Keely's Luminiferous Ether, Compound Interetheric, Mind Force, etc.
  11. Russell's generation of mid-tones = Keely's generation of discords as per Law of Cycles
  12. Russell's Ether = Keely's Ether
  13. 12.03 - Russell scale divisions correspond to Keelys three-way division of currents both matched
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