"Actions, likewise, are as Omnipresent as their Source in Mind-thinking. That which happens anywhere happens everywhere in this universe of naught but Mind-extension." [Atomic Suicide, page 110]

"This brings us to a high point in this book where we should pause for a moment and give deep thought to the realization that the Zero invisible universe is the THINKING-MIND-ENERGY-SOURCE of Creation, and that all material bodies are but the recordings of MIND-THINKING." [Atomic Suicide, page 151]

"The cube projector never appears with the seed until it "germinates," which means that the conditions for its rebirth are normal for that rebirth. If it never again germinates on this earth it still is and maintains its one plane existence eternally. It cannot be destroyed for it is Mind-Idea of Mind-thinking, and that is what constitutes all Nature." [Atomic Suicide, page 256]

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