12.03 - Russell scale divisions correspond to Keelys three-way division of currents

12.03 - Russell scale divisions correspond to Keely's three-way division of currents - We can see both Russell and Keely adhered to the concept of concentrating and decentrating forces.

"Charging systems are Positive systems. Positive systems are male systems. Male systems are 1+, 2+ and 3+. Discharging systems are negative systems. Negative systems are female systems. Female systems are 1-, 2- and 3-. Number four is equally a charging system and a discharging system. It is male-female." [Russell]

"These threefold relations may be expressed with regard to their results as,

"From these three actions are derived the three fundamental LAWS OF BEING:

I. Law of Assimilation: every individualized object assimilates itself to all other objects.

II. Law of Individualization: every such object tends to assimilate all other objects to itself.

III. Law of the Dominant: every such object is such by virtue of the higher or dominant force which controls these two tendencies." [Brinton, Prof. Daniel]

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