1.11 - Ultimate Constituents of Matter

Keely said the ultimate constituents of all matter are what he called atomolini. Which he said is the same thing as the luminiferous ether of the ancients and may be the same as Russell's alphanon. This ultimately small particle of matter resides within a realm or zone of polar etheric matter that includes the twenty-five forms of proto-matter shown in Russell's chart of the elements preceeding Hydrogen. (See Etheric Elements, The Universal One.) The etheric realm is like an Elastic Continuum sometimes called Space or Vacuum having many properties. (See the Russian text on the physics of Vacuum, "Something from Nothing".) This initial realm of Undifferentiated Energy then is composed of One Substance. These fine particles are sensitive to thought or mind therefore are sympathetic with mind; i.e., of similar frequency, vibration or "resonant" to thought. Regardless of label let us admit there is a fundamental particle making up the initial phase, order, or stage of what will eventually become a piece of observable matter as delineated above. If we use Keely's morphology of matter and energy each of the categories above are made of three constituent subdivisions which themselves are triple ad infinitum. Notice the omnipresence of threes. Threeness is essential to this paradigm.

There are three fundamental states of force as also energy. Firstly, there is the syntropic (negentropy or anti-entropy) attractive or assimilative force (syntropy) to a center. Secondly, there is the entropic repulsive or dispersive energy and thirdly there is the neutral state having both of these polar conditions yet manifesting neither, predominately - the so-called neutral state of balance or equilibrium.

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