magnetic power

The Neutralization of Magnets
"Thus, either present elements are the true elements, or else there is the probability before us of obtaining some more high and general power of nature, even than electricity, and which at the same time might reveal to us an entirely new grade of matter, now hidden from our view and almost from our suspicion. - [FARADAY]

Question. How can a magnet be robbed almost instantaneously of its magnetic power?

Answer. The peculiarity of the sympathetic conditions which conserve a magnet to polar and anti-polar currents of the earth, prove perfect sympathetic equation between reception and distribution in that part of the electrical field which is classified, in my system, as interatomic vibratory oscillation.

This oscillation represents, in its corpuscular field of action, an alternating wave-motion of one hundred and twenty-eight thousand four hundred vibratory exchanges per second, between polar reception and depolar distribution, thus establishing its perfect sympathetic concordance to that third of the electric triple stream which represents the sixths in vibratory sympathetic physics. The sympathetic action of the magnet, when electrically sensitized, becomes subservient to polar attraction as a medium through which a portion of its flow is diverted; no longer latent, but highly active as long as its magnetic sympathy (as electrically induced) continues, and it will then associate itself with every medium in nature in which this element exists in its latent state, from steel to oxygen at a low temperature.

We have now reached a starting-point from which to obtain a conception of the manner in which a magnet can be neutralized, that is, robbed of its coincident unity, or subservience to polar negative attraction." [The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit]

"What observers think of as magnetic power is the measure of electric potential which is created around gravity shafts and centers. The multiplication of electric potential around gravity shafts is - in reality - the manner in which Mind-thinking concentrates." [Atomic Suicide, page 180]

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