Magnetic Light of all-knowing, all-powerful Mind

Thought Power

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The one most important thing to burn into your consciousness is to realize that wherever motion is it is centered by stillness, and that stillness is its CAUSE. The universe is composed of electric thought-rings of motion. Each thought-ring is centered and controlled by the Creator of that thought-ring. God creates His universe that way. You create your universe that may. It is God who sits there. It is the Magnetic Light of all-knowing, all-powerful Mind which sits there. We call that centering point gravity. The reason why we call it gravity is because there are adjacent thought-rings which have united together so closely that we think of them as mass, instead of rings. Each added ring of the mass has its Mind-center in its own plane. In a mass, therefore, there are seemingly so many Mind-centers of stillness that they constitute a shaft. The word gravity arises from this fact. Gravity is a shaft of Mind-controlling stillness. In that sense, gravity and God are one. Now you have the whole story except for one thought to complete it. Every point of that gravity point is the same point, for God's zero universe is omnipresent. [Atomic Suicide, page 177]

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