Executive Synopsis

Everything in the universe vibrates and oscillates perpetually.
In fact, everything is nothing other than these vibrations and oscillations in different combinations.
We study the physics of these vibrations and oscillations to better understand how we and the universe works.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) focuses on the HOW and WHY or laws and principles of Life. SVP is about explaining the how and why allowing anyone to enhance their Life and Happiness. For instance, Reich's orgone energy is similar to Keely's Etheric vapors (there being diverse kinds) and both are relative to Russell's proto-Hydrogen elements; i.e. ether or plasma. All of which are a form of Mind that anyone can learn to control. The SVPwiki will explain some of the techniques each used to harness and handle said energies in their many machines, devices and in their lives. Then we go on to list and explain what laws and principles apply. This has been my goal and work all these years. While I did focus quite intently on Keely in the beginning years the work expanded to include others such as Russell, Cayce, Nikola Tesla, Bearden, Quimby, etc. and is no longer focused on any one individual but on the science underlying all of their works and accomplishments. This of course includes the spiritual, health, philosophy and art aspects. SVPwiki is not trying to steal anyone's thunder but to find the universal commonalities of science, Mind and spirit that ties all these people together. It is my firm conviction they all worked with the same science - but used their own jargon to write about it. See Mission Statement

What Keely was Working On insights you may not have seen before SVP physics and dynamics simple overview Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - The Basic Principles Mind Force is a pre-existing Natural Force and is engineerable.

SVPwiki may be viewed as an Universal Translator between them all.

Please review History of the SVPwiki for more details about this project.

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