electric vortices

"The physicist deflects electrons from their paths in vacuum tubes by holding a magnet near their path, and sincerely believes that the power of magnetism does that instead of electric polarity. He does not realize that the polarized condition in his "magnet" is an electrically divided equilibrium which has created two strong electric vortices, which his electrons are being pulled into just as particles floating in your bath tub are pulled into its spirally turning outflow." [Atomic Suicide, page 179]

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Figure 10.05 - Three Orthogonal Planes where Six Gyroscopic Vortices Converge
Figure 10.06 - Vortices in Cube extending in to and out from Center
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Figure 4.3 - Single Mode Electric Vector Generating Circular Motion also Shown within Triple Vectors
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Figure 5.7 - Vortices on Three Planes 90 Degrees to Each Other
Figure 5.8 - Initiatory Generation of Mass via Interpenetrating Vortices
Figure 6.0.5 - Cube with Vortices showing Structural Relations
Figure 7B.14 - Electric Condensing Flows to Center
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10.08 - Corner Vortices
3.03 - Vortexial Motion
3.14 - Vortex Theory of Atomic Motions
4.5 - Triple Rotary or Vortex Motions
5.1 - Vortex Formation
5.2 - Vortex Motions in Resonators
5.3 - Vortex Motion in Ether and Atoms
5.4 - Vortices are born of Motion and Matter is concentrated Vortices
5.5 - Double Vortices
5.6 - Vortex Forming Spheres
5.9 - Vortices Form Linked Atoms
6.16 - Fourteen Vortices

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