10.08 - Corner Vortices

Showing radial directions of Corner Vortices borning within the Center and exiting through the eight Corners and into the neighboring cubes but in reverse rotation. Radial forces also reflect from inside these corners back to Center. The curved line of propagation is instantly through these Neutral Corners or Zones. The speed of propagation is as a disturbance from center to center and manifesting within that center to its constituents. In other words the time it takes for the disturbance to get from center to center and show up as a disturbance as a manifestation on/within that particle or centralization is its rate or speed of propagation. Since the density is infinite in these corners and all neutral zones the rate of propagation would likewise be infinite - and non-observable; i.e., scalar.

"Let us call the corners of the cube the north points, or overtones of the wave." [Universal One; Book 02 - Chapter 16 - Expressions of Gravitation and Radiation]

Corner Vortices and Vectors
Figure 10.07 - Corner Vortices and Vectors

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