four rings of the inert gas

"Look again at the top diagram in Fig. 42 and carefully note that the four rings of the inert gas are like the four rims of wheels placed within each other, with one common hub. Now note that these four rims become the hub when they are compressed and extended." [Atomic Suicide, page 164]

"Let us very briefly review the process of Creation in its initial stages. Mind-Idea must first be conceived. The conception of Idea is registered in the inert gas ring, which is forever the seed-record of that Idea. That first undivided ring is two-dimensional. It has length and breadth, but not thickness. A ring is the only form in Nature that can be unitary, or two-dimensional, or balanced in itself, for its extensions are all in one plane. The moment that anything is added to a ring it must be added to on both sides to balance it. It cannot be added to on one side for Nature does not create hemispheres, it creates spheres. To add one ring on each side means the extension of a Mind-center to three Mind-centers, or a Mind-shaft to balance and control three instead of one. To add successive pairs means to extend the mass to spheres, and that means three dimensions, and it also means the creation of a bilateral mass." [Atomic Suicide, page 227-228]

"The sex strains and tensions are set up in the immovable rings of the inert gas of each octave, which is divided into pairs. Motion, tension, strain and heat begin with the extension of motion, in ring pairs, from its conception in the four recording rings of each octave. These four rings of the inert gases are within each other in the same plane. They are, therefore, two-dimensional. ''The moment they divide and extend into unit pairs, to simulate body forms, mass begins and the three dimensional, cube-sphere, bilateral universe appears." [Atomic Suicide, page 228-229] (underline added)

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