zero rest

"The same thing will happen in your laboratory if you wind coils too densely. Every electrical engineer knows that he is limited in the amount of current he can send through a coil by the size of the hole he leaves in it. If a physicist or electrical engineer places a solid core at the center of his coils it will heat and polarize, but not strengthen the current: If he places iron filings there they would not remain in the center, nor could they be compelled to remain there. They would either line the inside of the coil or extend to its poles. If they were tied there they would become incandescent if the current was strong enough. That proves that the core of electric motion is intensely resistant to any attempt to disturb its zero rest condition. It also proves that Nature never creates material nuclei for her spiral cyclones, which constitute the electric current or electric waves of Nature. It also proves by the very fact of the heat which is generated there, that it resists instead of attracts, for heat is the basis of all outward explosion." [Atomic Suicide, page 130]

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