electric cyclone

4. To make a more comprehensive test, and to also convince yourself that the needles are seeking stillness in the eye of the electric cyclone which you have created, instead of being attracted there by an inward pulling force, make a coil in the shape of two cones, base to base. If you now try your needles you will find that it is impossible to make them seek the center of any of its rings other than at its very extremities. If you try to have one seek your central ring it will forcibly resist it. If you hold two at that point, just a half inch apart, you will find that each one will seemingly repel the other. They are not doing this, however. They are each seeking a point of stillness which is maximum in gravity resistance to the electric potential, which

[p. 133]

has multiplied to its maximum power of compression at that point. Instead of being attracted there they are compressed there as they point out the direction of increasing density and electric potential. This is proof, also, that the effect upon the needles is an electric effect - not a Magnetic one." [Atomic Suicide, page 132-133]

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