curved universe of motion

"Carbon is the mid-tone of all the elemental octaves. The radar principle of Nature is also another world for which we do not have pages for, but carbon is the radial cube of the zero universe and the radar principle in projected effect is cube-dominated. To fully comprehend radar one must fully comprehend the meaning and purpose of Light of Mind and pairs of lights of body, and how the latter act as mirrors and lenses in the light-pressures which constitute this light-wave universe. After all, a Cosmic cinema must have its projecting machine just as man's projector must have its mirrors and lenses. As a fact of Nature, the cube of nine light planes of zero curvature is the Cosmic projector, and the equipotential curved light-pressures, which are the product of that projection, are its lenses which divide and multiply projected effect. Out of this simple Cosmic process the curved universe of motion appears from within its cube planes of zero curvature and the 0-1-2-3-4-0-4-3-2-1-0 light-wave universe of seeming motion appears to deceive the senses of the human race of such an early stage of unfolding Intelligence as ours, into believing that the projected mirage-image is the real body, which thinks and knows, and lives and dies. Early man never gave a thought to the fact that his body is but an actor in the Cosmic drama of Cause and Effect created by Mind-desire to simulate the Love-Idea of balanced equilibrium by simulating that idea in moving imaged-forms by light-wave projections." [Atomic Suicide, page 246-247]

"The first wrongly assumed premise is that the wire coil creates a magnetic field. It creates an electric field, not a magnetic one. There are no magnetic fields in Nature. There are electric fields of curved motion, which are bounded by magnetic planes of non-motion and zero curvature." [Atomic Suicide, page 272]

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