electric field

See Electric
See Capacitor which stores energy in electric fields.

"The first wrongly assumed premise is that the wire coil creates a magnetic field. It creates an electric field, not a magnetic one. There are no magnetic fields in Nature. There are electric fields of curved motion, which are bounded by magnetic planes of non-motion and zero curvature." [Atomic Suicide, page 272]

"The electric field provides for it to happen there but the magnetic geometry of the zero universe provides for it happening universally by Nature's radar system of extensions from zero points of stillness, which become mirror planes of stillness invisibly formed in space to repeat the divisions and multiplications of motion in any part of the universe to every part of it." [Atomic Suicide, page 273] See Omnipresence, Sympathy

"The wire coil of the Columbia experiment has given no thought to the basic fact that electricity divides for the purpose of multiplying. Otherwise, the coil it made for its electric field would be like Fig. 70." [Atomic Suicide, page 273]

"Step No. 2. The cylindrical coil made for the creation of an electric field does not, in any respect, conform with the electric current, which divides the stillness of cathodes into moving pairs, for the purpose of multiplying the motion of those moving pairs to create the heat and compression necessary to simulate the IDEA, which concentrated electric Mind-thinking desires to give objective expression to." [Atomic Suicide, page 273]

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