non-sentient matter

Sentient Non-Sentient Atoms
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"Keely proved to his own satisfaction that the laws of vibration applying to solids control living matter in exactly the same manner as they control what we call inert or non-sentient matter. He also proved that the same vibrational laws hold true over solids, liquids and gases." [VIBRATIONAL COINCIDENTS]

"The atom is surrounded with a dynasphere, or etheric capsule, which prevents the atoms from touching each other, inasmuch as this dynasphere is in inconceivably rapid motion. Dynaspheric force is broadly divided into two categories: the sentient and the non-sentient atoms (particles to it). Dynaspheric force, composed of non-sentient atoms, is the force used mechanically by Mr. Keely to his motor. Laurence Oliphant" [Snell Manuscript]

This dynaspheric force, which is also called etheric, is conditioned as to its nature on the quality of the atoms which form its transmitting media; and which are infinite both in variety and in their combinations. They may, however, be broadly divided into two categories; viz., the sentient and the non-sentient atoms. Dynaspheric force, composed of non-sentient atoms, is the force that has been already mechanically applied by Mr. Keely to his motor; and which will probably, ere long, supersede the agencies now used for locomotive, projectile, and other purposes. When the laws which govern it come to be understood it will produce materially a great commercial and industrial revolution. There is no hard-and-fast line between the sentient and the non-sentient atoms; just as zoophytes are a connecting link between the animal and vegetable creation, so there is a graduated scale of atoms, between atoms [See isotope] which although animated by the divine life are not sentient, and those which are as highly developed, relatively to them, as man is to a cabbage. [Dynaspheric Force] [Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force]

"Stone is a thinking and sentient being, such as plant, animal and man." [Nikola Tesla, Tesla Interview]

Hockney Mike
"Monadic collective produces zombie entities: subatomic particles, atoms, molecules." We could very well call them walking dead because they are alive (being rooted in monads) but they have no subjectivity, teleology, goals, willpower, therefore they are “dead” in all these aspects. Matter is an objective life produced by the Monadic Collective, but the mind itself is a subjective life that relates to individual monads and their will, thoughts and goals. Matter, we might say, is “zombie mind.” "
"If we consider atoms zombie minds (passive minds) instead of active minds, then the body is a large collection of zombie minds controlled by one active mind. When the active mind is separated from the body, passive minds (atoms) return to what they were before. They are aimless, passive, non-hard “things”, waiting for something to happen to them. They don't have an internal drive, so they have to wait for external forces to act on them. They belong to a world of strict determinism where things have no subjective causation. " [Hockney Mike, Free will and will to power]

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