"The vibrational coincident is the ratio of frequency induced in another substance as compared with the frequency of the generator or transmitter. It may be more and it may be less, but it always has a simple mathematical ratio. [see Law of Force]

"The molecular range of oscillation is affected in different degrees in different substances, although induced by the same vibrational frequency, and these ranges can be measured and expressed mathematically. This mathematical ratio is called the "coincident of transmission."

"True coincidents exist between any two mediums. By experiment and measurement, Keely proved that true ratios of transmissive frequency exist between all substances, not only in the mineral kingdom, but in substances of the vegetable and animal kingdoms also. The sympathetic influence of mass attraction and the laws of sympathetic transmission control vibrational transmission from cartilage to steel in contact, and from steel to wood, from wood to stone and from stone to cartilage. Keely proved to his own satisfaction that the laws of vibration applying to solids control living matter in exactly the same manner as they control what we call inert or non-sentient matter. He also proved that the same vibrational laws hold true over solids, liquids and gases."

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