Bell Jar and Vacuum

"Nature has established her sympathetic concordants...There is gravity therefore gravity is fixed, inherent. There is no flight of gravity. The difference in the condition of the sympathetic nerve centers and the variations in the chord aggregation of the masses, as established in the man or woman at birth, constitutes the molecular condition of the individual. The molecular state of animals, vegetables and minerals, depends upon the aggregation of their chord centers. It is impossible to make two coins from one die the same in their molecular aggregation. Merely picking up a coin and replacing it causes billions of molecules to be lost ... produces a change in the chord of mass of the coin. As this fact has only been developed by persistent progressive research, it is quite easy to comprehend the nature of the difficulties that lie in the way of perfecting devices for the guidance of artificers and mechanics whereby they can bring a proper vibratory action into play to induce positive sympathetic transmission. In order for me to transmit my knowledge by demonstration it will be necessary to have much more perfect instruments than those crude devices which I first constructed for my researches. One of my perfected instruments shows to the eye, in the molecular effects produced by a certain order of vibration, when the chord of harmony is established between two neutral centers. Another, when connected with the sympathizer, denotes accurately, by color of a certain sound or combination of sounds the number of vibrations that are necessary to induce certain effects of mechanical combinations.

"Inaudible vibrations are tested by the magnetic needle and sound colors. Every gaseous molecule is a resonator of itself and is sensitive to any and all sounds induced, whether accordant or discordant. At the normal density of the atmosphere we hear a volume of sound, focalized by the combined association of every molecule brought under sound influence. When we reduce the atmospheric volume of a chamber to 50/100, then the ear is sensitive to the reduction of the acoustic force evolved on the same ratio, and so on, until sound becomes inaudible. This inaudibility to our organ of hearing is no proof whatever of any reduction of the acoustic force evolved on the introductory impulse given to the bell. It is only a proof that the number of the molecules left for the acoustic force to act upon has been so reduced by increasing the vacuum, that the concentration of sound from the diminished number cannot be heard. The ear is not susceptible to the acoustic force emanating from one molecule, nor even from the concentration of one hundred millions of billions of molecules. The highest vacuum that can be induced, taking but a cubic inch in volume to act upon, will leave a residual number of molecules one hundred billion times as great as the above given number and yet be perfectly inaudible when all their acoustic forces are focalized.

"The audible has been conquered in my instruments to that extent which brings me into sympathetic contact with the inaudible, the vitalized conditions of which as regards sympathetic union with the terrestrial are the pure and only essentials necessary towards establishing the sensitive link between the instrument and terrestrial chord-masses, in order to run sympathetic machinery. But there is still before me a vast region to be explored before the keystone of this sympathetic arch is set in position to carry the high order of sympathetic transfer that I aim at. I have every reason to hope that when I have mastered these mechanical difficulties I shall be able to control this most subtle of Nature's forces. When this is done, the commercial engine will soon follow. There is no truer nor quicker way to reach that end than the one I am now pursuing. My obligations on this line once fulfilled, I shall be at liberty to turn my attention to the consideration of the mental forces associated with the physical and in fact, the solution of the mechanical problem is one and the same in principle, as is the physical and mental. When one is solved, all is solved. The convolutions which exist in the cerebral field are entirely governed by the sympathetic conditions that surround them.

"All abnormal discordant aggregations in these resonating convolutions produce differentiation to concordant transmission, and according as these differentiations exist in volume, so the transmissions are discordantly transferred producing antagonism to pure physical action. Thus, in motor ataxy, a differentiation of the minor thirds of the posterior parietal lobule produces the same condition between the retractors and exteriors of the leg and foot, and thus the control of the proper movements is lost through this differentiation. Taking the cerebral condition of the whole mass as one, it is subservient to one general head center, although as many neutrals are represented as there are convolutions. The introductory minors are controlled by the molecular, the next progressive links by the atomic, and the high third by the etheric. All these progressive links have their positive, negative and neutral position. When we take into consideration the structural condition of the human brain, we ought not to be bewildered by the infinite variety of its sympathetic impulses, inasmuch as it unerringly proves the true philosophy that the mass chords of such structures are governed by etheric vibratory flows. There is no structure that is not built up from the cosmic ether. Certain orders of attractive vibration produce certain orders of structure, thus the infinite variety of effects, more especially in the cerebral organs. Discordance cannot exist in the molecule proper. Discordance in any mass is the result of differentiated groups induced by antagonistic chords, and any differentiated mass can be brought to a condition of harmony or equation by proper chord media, and an equated sympathy produced whether the mass be metal or brain.

"There is good reason for believing that insanity is simply a condition of differentiation in the mass chords of the convolutions, which creates an antagonistic molecular bombardment towards the neutral or attractive centers of such convolutions. This may be compared to a knot on a violin string. Discordant conditions, i.e. differentiation of mass, produce negatization to negative discordants as the negative is to the positive, but the vast volume the sympathetic holds over the non-sympathetic, in ethereal space, makes it at once the ruling medium and readjuster of all opposing conditions, when properly brought to bear upon them.

"Josial Royce is right as regards correspondent sympathetic association between two conditions. If concordance can be established, even of unlike states, no matter whether it be of the high tenuous forces of nature, gases with liquids, liquids with solids, solids with gases, the structural conditions can be perfectly adverse. Their neutral centers are the focalized seat of sympathetic concordance for controlling any differentiation that may exist outside or in the mass that surrounds them. Certain orders of vibration can reach these centers and establish a concordant flow of sympathy, independent of any and all mass antagonism, in other words, certain orders of sympathetic vibratory transmission can correct and equate all differentiation that may exist between physical organisms and their cerebellic flows. Discord is disease, Harmony is Health. (Keely)

"Theosophy interprets the Scripture passage of "the seven Spirits which are before His throne" as the cosmical, creative, sustaining and world-governing potencies, His instruments, organs and media what the Kabbala implies with its seven "Sephiroth" and Schelling by the "potencies" or principles in the inner life of God, and it is by their emergence, separation and tension that they become cosmical potencies. Jacob Boehme says "Every spirit sees no further than its other, out of which it has its original, and wherein it stands, for it is impossible for any spirit, in its own natural power to look into another principle and behold it, except it be regenerated therein." Said Sextus, "If by magic you mean a perpetual research among all that is most latent and obscure in nature, I profess that magic, and he who does so comes nearer to the fountain of all knowledge."

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