Chapter 9 - The Mind Nucleus of the Atom - III, page 191

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The nucleus of every atom is Mind-energy. The electrical power of motion, which spins spirally in one direction throughout all the universe, records Mind-knowing in Mind-centered rings. Electric rings are atoms and united pairs of rings are atomic systems and cells. Compressing atoms multiply to express life to its maturity in cells and systems. Cells and systems then divide again into expanding atom rings to rest in their eternal cathode Selves, which man mistakes for death.

All motion is Mind-thinking and rest from Mind-thinking. Thinking is cyclic but the energy Source of thinking is eternal. All of the energy of all Creation is in the omnipresent vacuum of the zero universe. The error of man's observation of universal FACT lies in his beliefs that energy moves. The omnipresent vacuum never moves. It is the fulcrum from which motion draws its energy to move, but the fulcrum never moves. Every ultramicroscopic point in this Cosmic vacuum tube, which the universe is, is a fulcrum from which Mind-desire is extended to express the Idea of Mind. Mind-desire is the sole energy of the universe. Motion is but the lever which expresses the energy extended to it from the fulcrum. As God's Mind is omnipresent, so, also, are all of the qualities and attributes of Mind, omnipresent. That is what man of the future must know and comprehend. He must know that all-knowledge and all-power exists at every point in all of the universe. When he finally knows that he will know that all-knowledge and all-power are within himself. Man's greatest lesson of life is to become aware of that all-Presence within the Light of himself. That is what Cosmic Consciousness

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means. It means becoming Mind-conscious rather than body-conscious.

Let us illustrate the meaning of the above in this way. If a man looks into a mirror he fully believes that he is looking at himself. That is the belief of man for long ages. He is not looking at himself, however. He is but looking at the rings of motion which are spinning around his eternal Self for a period of activity between a rest period, in which he is building an image of what he thinks his Self to be. No man can see his Self but he can KNOW his Self. Seeing is electric sensing. The senses are motion. Motion can sense only motion. They cannot sense the stillness of eternal balance. They can but sense the motion of divided balance.

When a man stands in perfect balance he cannot sense that condition. The very instant he falls out of balance, be it ever so slight, he is then aware of it. The electric current of motion vibrates within his senses and his senses become electrically aware of it. He misinterprets the motion of his senses for Mind-thinking. If a man is perfectly comfortable his senses are not aware of it. If he becomes cold his senses then tell him of his unbalanced condition in respect to his environment, and he puts a coat on. His body has told him these things, however, and not his Mind. The measure of unfolding Intelligence in man is the measure of his Mind-knowing in relation to his body-sensing.

Has man unfolded intellectually to the extent in which he can hear God's Voice inspiring him to become co-creator with Him by interpreting His qualities of love, beauty, rhythm, harmony or balance? Or is he limited to fulfilling the demands which the motion of his body cells are demanding of him? This is the nature of the knowledge which will give the coming race more geniuses and mystics, and great leaders among men for the upbuilding of an enduring civilization of peace and good will on earth. This knowledge can be acquired only through desire for it. Desire can be awakened, and then multiplied, through knowledge. To acquire knowledge look within your own centering Self, for it is there awaiting you. The Silent Voice of your eternal Self forever whispers its omnipotence and omniscience

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to you. The following diagrams, which accompany the words of this chapter, are for the purpose of giving you that knowledge of where your power lies awaiting its manifestation by your body.

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