7B.08 - The Etheric Quantum Soup

The above chart shows all forms of matter as elements elegantly classified in a simple format along lines similar to (but not same as) music scale development. The chart encompasses nine octaves stretching from the initiatory creation of proto-matter (pre-quantum or IDEA as aether) through its evolutionary journey to its highest expressed form of motion - Carbon - and then devolving through radiative forces back to its initiatory form - IDEA. See full cycle Figure 1.5.

At this point in our discovery we wish to deal exclusively with the first three octaves - the range of proto-matter better known as 'quantum particles', atomolini or ether. In these three octaves are contained twenty-four elements all of which precede formation of Hydrogen. As orthodoxy considers Hydrogen the simplest of atoms all these elements must therefore be something other than "atoms" and may then be considered pre-atoms or sub-atomic or quanta entitites from which are composed all other atoms not unlike, for instance, an electron formed of three photons and a photon formed of three quarks joining together as above shown.

Feynman's Triplet Structure of Photon
Figure 7B.09 - Feynman's Triplet Structure of Photon

Russell's Periodic Chart
Figure 7B.10 - Russell's Periodic Chart of the first four octaves of proto-matter (ether). Hydrogen is in the second position of the 4th octave.

"There is much atmospheric celestial material that has never been revealed to man's senses. Attenuated elements extend to infinite reaches beyond hydrogen, including actual substances or compounds which have never been revealed to our senses. Beings fashioned of these substances could walk by our sides unseen and cast no shadow in the noonday sun." [Keely, The Operation of the Vibratory Circuit, The Connecting Link Between Mind and Matter - Keelys Progress - Part 2]

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