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May 26th, 1961

Dear Henry:

In lieu of the impossibility of our being able to work with you day to day in trying to make bungling masses of wire to light what simple lenses do optically, the suggestion of Major Cripe that we both work on the problem and interchange our findings is a happy one.

Lao and I have been working together on this with the same concentrativeness that we give to all our books and course which have ripened our minds together into a oneness which all creative thinkers would profit by if they emulate. My thinking, for example, has stressed the spectrum as such, while Lao's thinking on that line has gone deeper into the root of it by thinking the spectrum as male and female - and their relative balance or unbalance.

We both have worried about carrying that one wire all through the whole four coils, and how it can possibly emulate the lenses of Nature which multiply their power in the cube ratio from 1 to four, growing smaller as they approach No. 4, - while we are obliged to make our solenoids, which emulate lenses, bigger and bigger.

We re-studied our drawings and made many diagrams of Nature's ways, such as the two which are attached to this page. One shows the way converging light rays compress them and give MORE power to SMALLER arcs of pressure gradient which surrounds the earth. Then we studied the opposite effect where little brooks join together to make a BIGGER river and power then multiplies as the many little brooks added one by one, make the river bigger and bigger as it multiplies power.

Suddenly, Lao said: "Walter, we have to distribute our power. Why can't we add our wires together as the brooks add together in order to multiply power."

That caused us to re-open our long closed little laboratory and dust off all the rheostats, voltmeters, transformers and high-frequency apparatus preparatory to trying out that idea. That is why we telephoned you to suggest that we try


that kind of wiring after first proving it on small scale with 26 gauge wire and 12 volt dry cell batteries, for we dare not use high voltage for fear of accident. We have since found that one of our students who worked for us before when we did use house current, can come here for long enough to work on higher voltage.

We are carrying out Major Cripe's suggestion to tell you what we are intending to do so you can think it over and re-wire when we find out that it works - or perhaps you can work the same thing out in your own way.

1 - Instead of one wire extending from the positive pole of a circuit extend eight wires from it. As each brook gets its increasing voltage by an ever increasing gravity pressure, and assuming that pressure to be 110 volts, all of the eight wires are equally charged with 110 voles. [see Additive and Subtractive Synthesis, Amplitude Modulation]

2 - Make the first two wires 14 gauge, the second two 18 gauge, the third two of 22 and the fourth two 22 gauge.

3 - Now wind the first wire around coil No. 1 clockwise, the way you would turn a right hand corkscrew with your right hand.

4 - When the coil is completed test it with rheostat for resistance and check voltage. Then wind the second coil with TWO wires by adding the second to the first. Continue it until you have an amount of resistance equal to coil No. 1 by checking it and adding or subtracting until the two do check. This you also do with each added coil.

5 - Now take the two 18 gauge wires and wind the four in the No. 3 coil. After checking wind the coil No. 3 (which has four wires on it), then add the other four wires to them and wind all eight wires on the number 4 coil until it equals the others in resistance. By twisting the eight wires together at each end we now have a cable, within which we have stepped up power as brooks step it up in the river.

6 - Now connect the No. 4 NEGATIVE cable end to the copper tank if you have it made. If you do not yet have the tank side then attach the eight wire cable end to a large bar of steel or copper, on the other end of which you can attach the POSITIVE end of the otehr parallel series temporarily until the tank is made. You could not attach both ends of the cable together without that big bar for they would fuse. The big bar will absorb the heat long enough for your tests but if connected too long it would grow red hot, or even melt.

7 - Now repeat this series in reverse to create a FEMALE mate on the green side of the spectrum. Start with the negative pole at the No. 1 coil and wind it anti-clockwise as your left-hand would turn a left hand corkscrew. When you have complete the series the end of that cable will be negative.

This is what we are trying and will let you know the results. We would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

If we have properly emulated Nature optically, electrically and hydraulically we should be able to demonstrate her power of multiplication the same way the brooks become a Niagara, or helium


and the four pairs of elements in the helium octave multiply to the great density and high melting point of carbon.

And as the rivers come to rest in the ocean to form a storage battery for repeating the brooks and rivers perpetually so, also, we can take a few of our multiplied extensions to charge a goodly sized storage battery for repeating our Niagara constructed by wires instead of water. In that way we can demonstrate as near as possible with material machines the perpetual motion of Nature. When we can do this optically and produce a solar dynamo we will then have a perfect perpetual motion machine.

It will also remove the cause of war by giving every nation and all peoples all they need for survival on equal levels, everywhere.

The stakes are high. They are well worth working for, and this first step is the hardest of all.

Looking forward to hearing from you as you progress, and the pleasure of that interchange of ideas as we progress, and with our best regards [to] Messrs. Chapman, Cripe and Sargent, we are

Cordially yours.
Walter and Lao Russell.

P.S. You once asked if the current produced and transmitted would be AC or DC. If AC is put into it AC will come out of it. It will not need to be transformed.





May 27th, 1961

Dea Henry;

Page No. 2 on the letter we sent you yesterday is a bit confusing the way we have written it. We have rewritten it to make it more clear and attached a simple diagram to add to the clarity. Please destroy the first No. 2 and substitute this one.

Sincerely yours,

Walter and Lao Russell

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