Keely's Morphology, Infinite Subdivision of Matter
Figure 7.7 - Keely's Morphology, Infinite Subdivision of Matter

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"No process of mathematics can comprehend or measure such minuteness, for it transcends both logic and computation. Molecules, intermolecules, atoms, interatoms, etherons, interetherons, can be represented by progressive degrees of tenuity, although the degree of tenuity of the latter four is such as we cannot comprehend because we have not and cannot sense them, but the neutral center, with its marvelous properties, its infinite power, is as incomprehensible to our minds as the aggregate power, mass and extension of the objective Universe." [Snell Manuscript]

"The diamagnetic receding movement in the metal silver when brought close to the poles of a magnet operated by alternating current, is caused by "interatomic bombardment" of some 800,000 "corpuscular percussions" per second, or, expressed more exactly, by "intersympathetic vibrations" (non-operative on molecular, intermolecular or atomic sympathy, but penetrating within these to the interatom) or "interatomic bombardment". [DIAMAGNETISM - Snell]

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Figure 7.7 - Keelys Morphology - Infinite Subdivision of Matter
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