Chapter 8 - The Oneness of Gravity and Magnetism - Conclusion, page 187

[p. 187]


We have very briefly given the essentials of the construction of matter and the true nature of electricity, gravitation, radiation, radioactivity and magnetism. Even though the entire process is as simple as we stated it in one paragraph at the beginning of Part II, its aspects are many, for its effects and its divisions are many. We have not departed from the pattern laid down in that paragraph during this brief narrative, nor do we depart from it in the 48 lessons of our Study Course. Beyond that is still the need for further volumes, but this simple principle cannot be exceeded, no matter how many volumes are needed for greater amplification of essentials.

There are still many essentials which we have not touched upon, such as space geometry and mathematics which determine the pressures of the chemical elements, in order to master and control the principle of transmutation, which is now right at our doors, and the control of drought. Even in all of these it is impossible to exceed the one principle laid down in that paragraph in any effect of motion in this entire universe.

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