Part II - Prelude, page 77-78

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In the heart of every man is the desire for love - for happiness, peace and prosperity. In the hearts of nations of men is the one-World desire for international unity. Universal Brotherhood is the ultimate world-goal. How far are we from that goal? The distance is far ahead for the human race. Its distance is measurable only by the yardstick of LOVE, and love has not yet entered the doorway of human relations, and will not until unity opens the door for it to come in.

Unity means Oneness. Unity balances the mate-hood of all pairs of people and equalizes their transactions in giving and regiving. Civilization has not yet progressed to the point where UNITY, through the GIVING and REGIVING of LOVE, can even be comprehended by more than a few of man's millions.

Man's greatest lesson is to learn how to give. We are still in the barbarian age of taking" of even taking life. The spiritual age is dawning, however. Its doors are slightly ajar, but that is all, for our World-House is erected upon the sands of disunity. The product of disunity is fear. A house divided against itself by disunity and fear must fall. Peace, happiness and prosperity cannot enter a divided house of fear.

If you now ask when peace, happiness and prosperity will come to man, we say to you that it will come when the Light of Love unites all men as ONE, and that shall come to pass only when man ceases to create fear.

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