18.04 - Mind Defined - Cayce

"What then IS thy mind? The gift of God, that is the companion with thy soul, that is a part of same! Then if ye would develop that by its use, by its application, it is ministering good and goodness; not for self. For that ye give away ALONE do ye possess! For he that would have life must give it. He that would know the faculties of the psychic force, or the soul, must MANIFEST same in the relationships to spiritual truths, spiritual law, spiritual application." Cayce (826-11)

"Mind is an effort, or an active force that partakes of spiritual as well as material import. Mind is an essence or a flow between spirit and that which is made manifest materially." Cayce (262-123)

"Mind as a stream, not mind as purely physical or as wholly spiritual, but is that which shapes, which forms, which controls, which directs, which builds, which acts upon." Cayce (4083-1)

"Mind is an essence or a flow between spirit and that which is made manifest materially." Cayce (262-123)

Q- Definition of the word MIND.

A- "That which is the active force in an animate object; that is the spark, or image of the Maker. Mind is the force that is in direct opposition of the will. ..." Cayce (3744-1)

Definition of MIND

"That which is the active force in an animate object; that is the spark, or image of the Maker. Mind is the factor that is in direct opposition of will. Mind being that control of, or being the spark of the Maker, the WILL, the individual when we reach the plane of man. Mind being and is the factor governing the contention, or the interlaying space, if you please, between the physical to the soul, and the soul to the spirit forces within the individual or animate forces. We have the manifestation of this within the lowest order of animal creation. These are developed as the mind is developed, both by the action of all of the senses of the body, as we have them developed in man. MIND is THAT that reasons the impressions from the senses, as they manifest before the individual.


"MIND a factor, as the senses are of the mind, and as the soul and spirit are factors of the entity, one in all, all in one. We are speaking from the normal plane, of course. As the impressions are reached to the storehouse of the body, the mind is that factor, that principle, that portion that either segregates, correlates or divides the impression to the portion needed, to develop the entity or physical force toward the spark or infinite force, giving the life force to the body. The mind may be classified into the two forces - that between the physical and soul, and that between the soul and spirit force. We see the manifestations of this, rather than the object or the mind itself. We find this always manifested through one of the senses, the same as we find the Psychic force a manifestation of the soul and spirit; the MIND a manifestation of the physical.

"With the division of the mind force as given, we see why in the physical plane individuals become misunderstood and misrepresented. They do not reach the same manifestations from other individuals. Hence the expression, "They are all of one mind." "To DO GOOD, they become of one mind, TO DO EVIL they are many." The nearer approach the mind comes to the divide, between the soul and spirit forces, the nearer we become to that infinite force that guides when it is allowed to the individual's actions day by day."


"That lying between the soul and spirit forces within the entity, and is reached more thoroughly when the conscious mind is under subjugation of the soul forces of the individual or physical body. We may see manifestation in those of the so-called spiritual-minded people. The manifestation of the subconscious in their action. That portion of the body, better known as the one that propagates or takes care of the body - physical, mental, moral or what not, when it is not able to take care of itself." Cayce (3744-1)

"The subconscious mind is both consciousness and thought or spirit-consciousness. Hence may be best classified, in the physical sense, as a habit." Cayce (266-10)

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