Keely mentions observing a "wonderful variation of gravital sympathy between the molecules of gaseous elements and gaseous chemical compounds, all coming under the molecular subdivision." This strongly indicates the existence of gas-crystals, the plus-molecular aggregation applying to their gaseous state. Inductive sympathetic negative mass attraction also, when applied to gases, mixture of gases and gas compounds, would very likely have often times a frequency which would not induct resonance, simply by formation of these gas crystals in a great variety of degrees, with corresponding complex variations in the mass chord of each combination. These variations would be caused by the residual molecular affinities causing formation of these plus-molecular aggregates. This feature caused Keely a great deal of trouble at one stage of his experiments. [Snell Manuscript]

"All quiescent matter which can be sensed is molecular, of the first subdivision, and when solid, liquid, or gaseous, exists in the plus-molecular or crystalline state, held together in varying degrees of affinity.

The molecule itself is a world ruled by the same sympathetic forces that govern the planets of our solar system. Its three component intermolecules, each like a small sphere, oscillate within its shell-like etheric envelope with a frequency of 20,000 per second, and the molecular etheric capsule rotates about them with inconceivable velocity. Within the molecule no intermolecule ever comes in contact with even its nearest attendant. Each is held by its gravital neutral center within its proper sphere of action. Molecular dissociation by intermittent vibration does not disturb in the next higher, the atomic subdivision, the fixed neutral center of the atomic triplets. Centripetal and centrifugal forces rule the orbits and revolutions of the components of the molecule in the same manner as interplanetary forces of the same type rule the elements of the solar system. [Snell Manuscript - the book]

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