gravity pole

"That is what electricity does. It produces a potential of electric motion around a still center, but the still center is gravity. To be correct these poles should be called gravity poles, connected by a gravity shaft. They control the sex-division of Nature." [Atomic Suicide, page 181]

"Electricity, therefore, produced the poles by compressing the holes out of the rings. They did not come there in any other way. Electric motion does not create gravity poles. It merely locates existent points and makes them identifiable. It makes the invisible become seemingly visible. However, it never occurred to early observers that the division of God's stillness into sexed pairs would have to have a measure of balanced control over such a division. In other words, if the one condition of balanced stillness in the zero universe is divided into two unbalanced conditions, it is then necessary to have two controlling points of stillness around which motion can spin while thus divided." [Atomic Suicide, page 181-182]

Figure 15.05 - Nine Pairs of Gravity Poles
Figure 15.05 - Nine Pairs of Gravity Poles

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