Rotating Magnetic Field

Sometime during the year of 1882 Nikola Tesla had his epiphany about the rotating magnetic field in a park in Budapest while accompanied with his friend Anthony Szigeti. [Carlson, Tesla Inventor of the Electrical Age; see Chronology]

"When I made the discovery of the rotating magnetic field I was a very young man. The revelation came after years of concentrated thought and it was my first great thrill.
"It was not only a valuable discovery, capable of extensive practical applications. It was a revelation of new forces and new phenomena unknown to science before.
"No, I would not give my rotating field discovery for a thousand inventions, however valuable, designed merely as mechanical contraptions to deceive the eye and the ear. A thousand years hence, the telephone and the motion picture camera may be obsolete, but the principle of the rotating magnetic field will remain a vital, living thing for all time to come." [Nikola Tesla]

Late summer of 1887 Nikola Tesla demonstrates his Rotating Magnetic Field using Alternating Current, late summer. [Carlson, Tesla Inventor of the Electrical Age, pages 84-85]

It may be this rotating magnetic field is what Walter Russell attempted to harness in his Optic Dynamo Generator.

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