"Consideration of even the introductory conditions of the etheric stage of vibration convinces me that the attraction of the rotating stream for the neutral center is directly proportional to its velocity. Were it otherwise, there could not be any planetary formations, or a molecular Universe. If a billiard ball is rotated rapidly enough, it will burst into fragments, which will disperse at various tangents. But if I should rotate a ball of ether, the higher the velocity the greater would be its attraction for the neutral center and its consequent cohesion or individuality.

"Imagine a magnified molecule twelve inches in diameter, having an atmospheric film 1/16th inch in thickness, rotating billions of times per second, at the same relative velocity as the etheric molecular capsule. It would rotate with such frequency that a particle on its exterior would travel no less than 600,000 miles per second, which would give to it such rigidity that it would be impenetrable to a steel pointed projectile at the greatest velocity we could give it. Considering the affinity of the capsule for the neutral center, which increases with the velocity, this film could enclose a pressure of several thousands of pounds per square inch. It is simply the internal pressure, registered on the specially built lever, which resulted in pressure of 5,000 to 32,000 lbs. per square inch, as produced in Keely's experiments.

Figure 15.00c - Keely's Devices for Liberating and Measuring Etheric Pressure
Figure 15.00c - Keely's Devices for Liberating and Measuring Etheric Vapor Pressure

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Although no amount of pressure can cause the molecules to actually come in contact with each other or to rub each other, the molecular volume can be reduced by enormous pressure and the resultant tension on the rotating etheric capsule induces heat or "thermal reduction." This induced heat is a positive proof of the wonderful velocity of the etheric envelope. Were the molecules dead to sympathetic vibration and with no rotating etheric envelope, they would be incompressible and the application of pressure would produce no thermal change.

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