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Letter from Raytheon to Walter and Lao Russell

13 February 1961

Dr. and Mrs. Walter Russell
The Key Ambassador
Key West, Florida

Dear Walter and Lao:

I should have written long before this to thank you for all the the treasured gifts you have sent me, and for the courtesy you extended to the delegation from NORAD and ADC. I did, however, want to be able to report some definite progress before writing. I have been holding many conferences with General Chapman, Colonel Fry, and the others who attended the meetings at Swannanoa. Saturday afternoon, we held a meeting at Alpine Falls to listen to the tape recording. It has been the concensus of opinion of all concerned that in order to proceed, we should get some more definite specifications on the optical dynamo.

Needless to say, I was more than gratified when I received your letter this morning giving some factual data, and indicating that you would be willing to furnish drawings and specifications. Immediately after receiving the letter, I called Dr. Letaw at Raytheon's Wayland Lab and made him aware of this fact. In spite of a negative report, as I expected, from Dr. Nieman, Dr. Letaw indicated that he would be more than willing to look over your drawings and specification, and give us a fair evaluation. He would look at your material with an open mind, and if favorably disposed, he would do all in his power to initiate a development project such as you described in your letter in the Wayland Lab as soon as possible.

He was very pleased with this reaction as was General Chapman and the others because they feel that this is the quickest and most direct route for accomplishing our objectives. If for any reason Raytheon should not agree to go along on the project, the people at NORAD would then take steps to see that it got into the hands of the proper government developing agency, or we would attempt to do it on our own right here.


If you will send to me, as soon as possible, a more complete description of the equipment including the coils and discs, I will take it with me to Raytheon at Wayland on the 21st of February as I am scheduled to be there for a Marketing Meeting on that date.

Just as soon as it is possible for you to furnish specific drawings, Dr. Letaw will examine them and take whatever action is necessary to set up a project under your supervision at the Wayland Lab. There is no question about the enthusiasm here at NORAD but we must have something specific to start with and then all of our future objectives will fall into place.

I am enclosing a note from Major Sargent whom I discussed the matter with this afternoon. Thanks again for your many kindnesses.

H. C. Mulberger

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