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This work started out as my best effort to present this material in an intelligible way. It is the result of intensive study, thought and effort over many years beginning in 1983 (directly) and many years before that indirectly. It is unfortunate that Keely's lab notes and books have not been found or at the least shared when found. For they surely would put us on the right and correct path to understanding his work and perspective. A practical understanding of his work would transform modern science and society. This writer has never seen any book written by Keely[1] although he has heard of at least one book by Keely long in the hands of a person who adamantly refuses to share the book with anyone. This writer has also heard of others who claim to have in their possession different Keely devices or other materials. They too adamantly refuse to share or allow access. Isn't this the story of humanity? Ego and its petty values of greed and self-aggrandisement are placed ahead of truth and human advancement....

So this work is my sincerest effort to work with the materials we have in hand and make some sense out of it. It has been a Sherlock Holmes detective effort at taking bits and pieces of information and piecing them together into a mosaic representing a sweeping view of science, art and philosophy the likes of which astound and transform those who are fortunate enough to study its nooks and corners of import and significance. Keely's work, then as inspiration and as meager as the quantity of materials are, have proven itself to show humanity a most complete and powerful view of who and what we are than any religion or philosophy ever presented to or by others. The simple fact of building a machine made of metals yet evidences LIFE and CONSCIOUSNESS is in itself an accomplishment far exceeding what has come before. It is a sad state of affairs that modern science misbelieves Life is an effect of electrochemical processes when these processes themselves have been shown to be effects of CONSCIOUSNESS, the very essence of Life, without which Life would be impossible and certainly meaningless. It is even sadder to realize all these things are known and demonstrated but because of FEAR in the form of peer pressure and fear of seeming different or weird individual scientists refuse to allow themselves the wonder and pleasure of stepping outside of their neat politically correct mental cages, prisons and ivory towers. Ignorance persists out of fear and conformity while Truth blossoms from Love and courage.

That we now know the true cause of sickness and ill health as an attribute of discordant thinking sets humanity onto a path free of pain, suffering and knashing of teeth. The status quo power structures would have us all sick thus becoming their milk cow for money, profit and more temporal power. All of their efforts contribute nothing towards humanity as a whole whether physically, morally or spiritually. Such a waste of resources and opportunity....

Yet, still, humanity clings to its illusory perceptions from the past leading to needless pain and suffering. Humanity has the power within its grasp to bring all this to an end yet do they take it up?

There is the contrived and oustensible interest in environmental issues. But do those so engaged step forward to pursue a science and philosophy that would end further pollution and aide in clean-up efforts? Social problems for them are opportunities to create massive power structures to deal with the issues. Power being the end goal for so many egotistically insane predators, fear mongers, bullies and control freaks. Solutions to social issues are usually simple in concept though implementation may require as much time as the problem did to occur. Immediacy, an aspect of contrived fear, breeds waste and improper planning and expensive and poor execution. Society then is a collection of inhuman power structures all insanely vying to be Top Dog on the Dung Heap of egotistic imaginings and gathering power to self wrought from predatory actions against one's neighbors, friends and familes. All in the name of some exalted vision such as are held by religions, shining charges at a social ill or alleviating some human suffering always Hegalianly caused by those now presenting their vision of "cure" - for a price. The price for their snake oil cure can be terrible indeed: surrender of freedom and liberty, yielding up free thought and creativity, tendering property, rights and fielty. When, in truth, as shown by SVP, none of these penalties are required in the least.

Keely's work is important to humanity in a scientific and engineering technical sense but also puts a foundation of sanity under humanity from and with society can build itself into its greatest dreams and individuals can truly become all they are meant to be - enlightened and Awakened beings possessing awareness of everything and anything often evidenced in past ages as Buddhas, Christed beings, or God-Men. For in SVP man has been created in the image of its Creator to be a Creator in his own right. Thus in SVP man does not create a Creator in man's eegoic image as victim, angry, venegeful, violent and blood-thirsty.

I do not apologize that this work does not give enough knowledge and know-how to build whatever device the reader has in mind. I suppose that if there had been more help in the form of hands available to do research and adequate financial help this work could have been advanced much further than what it is now. Indeed, I see in my mind a much greater expanse and depth of detail than I have meagerly written here. Certainly the writing of it will continue as I do not see an end to it. To complete this work would take a well financed team devoted to its many aspects. That has been my desire and hope - to fill in the holes and develop a more complete expose.

December, 2007
La Junta, Colorado
Dale Pond

[1] We do have and have reproduced pages from Keely's: Part 25 - Keelys Wonderful Charts of Vibratory Etheric Science

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