10.02 - Reality vs Actuality

A difficulty encountered in understanding SVP is seeing beyond the illusions of what we think we are seeing and what we think we already know. What we think we see is our perception. Perception is never the same as that perceived. In an effort to categorize and make sense of our perceptions we label things and events. Then we mistakenly believe the label instead of the original causitive event or thing.

Illusion labeled and accepted as Reality
Figure 10.02 - Illusion labeled and accepted as Reality. Actuality (Truth) may be (and usually is) altogether different than the Perception.

Over time however these labels take on a life of their own and we mislead ourselves when we confuse a label with the phenomenon it is designed to represent. We see a phenomenon and label it. If care is not taken, the label becomes confused as the phenomenon. Mathematics, for instance, is (in)famous for mistaking its numbers, symbols, formulae and calculations for that which they are supposed to be describing. A classic example is phase conjugate waveforms added together to get 0. While this is a true mathematical calculation of +1 + -1 = 0, the 0 quantity demonstrates neither Positive or Negative phases but it does contain equal quantities of them both though neither pole is evident or dominant. They are simply LATENT (scalar) and non-observable but still in full but equated or voided power. The 0 of the phase conjugate waveform does not show or acknowledge this hidden power that is balanced and harmonious but not differentiated.

Another example of mistaking a label for a perceived event is "magnetism", a word used to describe the perceived attraction of two pieces of iron joining together under that supposed influence. When we see two pieces of iron joining together via this thing called "magnetism" we assume magnetism is an attractive force creating the event. Is this really true? Or is it just our interpretation of our perception of that event?

Our perception tells us this attraction is true. Every measurement and test further supports this perception. ("Life's experiences are for the purpose of proving to us our egoic perceptions are correct." ACIM) However, our perception tells us the two ends of a bar magnet are opposite polarities and two bar magnets brought near to one another join by opposite poles. The logical conclusion is "opposites attract" and "like poles repel". This is true for more than one bar magnet.

In a single bar magnet opposite poles appear to and do actually repel from each other. Each end of the magnet is oppositely magnetized and appear to repel one another away from the center. No matter what we do to this magnet the ends will seek to be as far away from each other as they can get. No force or technique known to science will cause these opposite poles to attract one another while within a single bar magnet. Magnetism and attraction are further discussed in Parts 12, Part 14 and Part 16.

This idea that "opposites attract" is an embedded meme - an accepted truth or belief - even though it clearly is not true. This idea was created during the first experiences with magnets several thousand years ago and continues unquestioned to this day. An accepted truth from yesteryear now proven to be false is generally referred to as a superstition or simply error. It is an old fact now known to be false.

"That as given shows how sympathetic vibration in its simplicity is in activity as a usable force, as stated; yet, with the radial activity of the latent forces given in the sympathetic, or synthetic, or syncothetic conditions, brings then the proper relations, which makes same into a usable force. Build upon the principle here set forth. Set out in that as the active principle, the combination of relativity of elements with the active force of sympathetic vibration bringing the two into relations that make a usable motive force, as may be applied in the various forms to any active principle." Cayce 4665-13 See more Cayce quotes on the various Free Energy machines he was consulted about: Cayce Perpetual Motion Machines

NOTE: In the Dialogue on Awakening the term "Reality" is used for Actuality.

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