noun – the right to do what you want, make your own decisions, and express your own opinions
noun – a situation where you are able to go where you want because you are not in prison
noun – the ability to do what you want because you have no obligations or responsibilities
noun – the ability to move or go where you want because there is nothing physically stopping you
noun – a situation in which you are not affected by something unpleasant

SVP is all about freedom. Freedom from lack of any kind, real or perceived, from superstition, belief, hindrances and limitations.

'If you could carry within your mind, a seed - the perfected plan of your most heartfelt goals, and know beyond all doubt, that it can grow and come into perfect fruition, you would see this wonderful seed take on a life of its own which would presently manifest in your life.
'And you could surely move the mountains in your lives - those mountains which stand across your path and prevent you from achieving all that you would like ... mountains which, in times of recklessness and evil thinking have been created by yourselves.
'If you only understood creation and existence, you would be able to live lives of total freedom, limitless achievement and transcendent joy. [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 3, page 65]

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