centrifugal spiral motion

"The next step for comprehension brings two words into our story which are of great import. These words are centripetal and centrifugal. Their real office in Nature has not yet been known, other than the fact that one supposedly contracts from the inside – which is not true, and the other expands. What is not yet understood is the fact that centrifugal spiral motion, in this entire universe, is expressed where pairs of centripetal pairs meet in sex union in Nature's electric current, and begin the journey of re-giving back to the Giver of motion. If this fact had been known there would have been no "expanding universe" theory. The text books say that there is no uphill flow of energy. Centripetal motion is that uphill flow. The cyclone vortice is that uphill flow. The winding of the universal clock spring is that uphill flow. The charging of your battery, your body, and the creative process of compression, is that uphill flow. Nature creates atom units centripetally in mated pairs. She causes atom unit pairs to collide and explode. There are not any atomic systems in Nature until mated pairs meet in sex union at wave amplitudes." [Atomic Suicide, page 36-37]

"We, therefore, repeat words written in earlier pages of this book, which say that our bodies express life only by the fast generoactive centripetal motion which charges and polarizes, and that they die only by the fast radioactive centrifugal motion, which discharges and depolarizes." [Atomic Suicide, page 265]

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