center of disturbance

"All effects and dimensions of first cause begin with the birth of each light unit.
"Each point in the universe is the center of the universe. Each point is the beginning and the end of each ten octave swing of the cosmic pendulum.
"Each new-born corpuscle, or light unit, is a center of disturbance from which the entire universe responds to its alternating electromagnetic pulsations.
"Motion, once started, never ceases until it has run the entire gamut of the ten octave range, from which point it begins again.
"The light unit of the highest octave and lowest potential eventually becomes a light unit of the lowest octave and highest potential.
"Light units are omnipresent throughout the universe.
"All effects of thinking are omnipresent throughout the universe.*"Nothing is which is not universal.
"Light units are the beginning and the end of that super-majestic illusion which man calls "creation."
"They constitute all that man calls "created things," which in truth are creating, evolving things.
"The creating of these corpuscles is as continuous as thinking is continuous." Russell, The Universal One, page 63

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