17.09 - Gravitation and Radiation Hatonn

Norman Lockyer, in his 'Chemistry of the Sun,' writes: 'The law which connects radiation with absorption, and at once enables us to read the riddle set by the sun and stars, is, then, simply the law of sympathetic vibration.' This is the very cornerstone of Mr. Keely's philosophy. [Sympathetic Vibratory Force]

This message from spirit conforms exactly with Keely's and Russell's definitions. "The seeming multiplication and division of the universal balance into the opposed electrical pressures of gravitation and radiation, which form the very foundation of the universe of change, are made possible. Hard to fathom? No, students, it is most simple if you consider the facts and stop dithering over the theories of those who offered "theories" which you accepted as fact. For instance, consider Gravity as a focus. Gravity IS, but why IS IT? It simply is the effect from the "cause" of one density in placement, i.e., gases rise and more solid matter "falls" - in the atmosphere. You must come to realize that things do not "simply" focus around something for no reason. There is either a "pull" syntropy) to hold the thing in orbit, or a compression which holds things in containment. In other words, "things" are "contained" or "compressed" into form (matter) and are ever in the insistence of expansion (exploding or entropy)." 10/18/1994 #1 HATONN

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