1.6 - Structure of Matter

It is generally held that:

1. Matter is made of molecules. 2. Molecules are made of atoms. 3. Atoms are made of leptons, fermions, etc. 4. leptons, fermions are made of photons. 5. photons are made of quarks (of 6 types only). 6. This subdivision of matter continues into higher/finer realms.

Subdivisions of Matter and Energy
Figure 1.3 - Subdivisions of Matter and Energy

Figure 1.3.1 illustrates how the universe is constructed of imbedded or nested layers of physical structure and dynamics. Molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of leptons, etc. These are not dimensions existing independent of each other but are intermingled together interpenetrating each other. The lower frequency dimensions or realms of existence are predicated on or effectuated by the higher frequency realms, dimensions, planes or levels. The finer levels are the building blocks of the lower realms. In other words there can be no molecules without atoms; no atoms without electrons; no electrons without photons; no photons without quarks, etc. The structure of these fractal or nested realms are held (Keely) to be identical on all levels much like the repetitive imbeddedness of fractal math and images.

Subdivisions of Matter and Energy according to Keely
Figure 1.3.1 - Subdivisions of Matter and Energy according to Keely

"Matter is not held together from within by the attraction of gravity, as generally supposed, it is compressed together by a force exerted from the outside toward its center." [Atomic Suicide, page 14]

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