vacuum condition

"When an electronic tube is evacuated it means that the electric

[p. 150]

commotion and tensions which were in it have been pumped out of it, leaving it in a zero state of rest. An electric current sent through it records within it the patterns of motion which caused the electric current. The vacuum condition insulates the new pattern of motion from any other patterns of motion, which would otherwise occupy the tube. That same pattern can be projected from that tube and repeat itself anywhere in the universe. That tube is a correct miniature zero universe of stillness which is creating a multiple universe of motion. If you will but study that effect you will gain much of Nature's processes. The more that science develops this principle of creating its own patterns by starting them from zero without interference from other pressures and patterns, and then multiplying them by gravity control within them, the more progress we will make in the practically new science of electronics." [Atomic Suicide, page 149-150]

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