purposeful work

"Each soul has a definite job to do. But ye alone may find and do that job! Then do with thy might what thy hands find to do day by day, being not unmindful that though it may appear to be the more menial job, in same ye may find thine own soul shining through!" [Cayce 2823-1]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"To discover your true SOURCE of BEING, I ask you to take stock of the unimaginable and indescribable complexity and diversity of purposeful work plainly evident in penguins and pigs.
Can the human mind replicate any of the most basic of activities within - say - the digestive system, which swiftly summons up the requisite enzymes and hormones necessary for digestion.
How dare the finite mind, which is incapable of perceiving clearly the true creative process governed by instinctual knowledge, presume to state unequivocally - defying contradiction - that it understands the true origins of creation and the forces out of which creation took form? What arrogance! These men can only think according to what their eyes tell them.
I view the present scientific ignorance with loving compassion, a degree of amusement, and a great all consuming passion to puncture their pride. For, until someone can penetrate their self-satisfaction and position of infallibility, a true mating of Eternal Verities and human scientific knowledge can never take place. But it must take place; otherwise human spiritual evolution will remain at a standstill.
The scientific mind is too full of 'finitely' devised book lore, accepted formulas and equations, and the need for their fellows' approval, to permit mystical penetration by Higher Intelligences.
On my behalf, I ask readers of these Letters, to form an association to challenge Science and ask 'at what point in the evolution of the 'material' world' is CONSCIOUSNESS first discernible?" [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 12]

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