eternal flow of evolution


Modern intuitionless science has regulated the eternal flow of evolution (panta Rhei) in the wrong way and thus failed to notice the possibility of generating ur-forces. Instead of additional products of emulsion possessing development-enhancing functions, it had to make do with development-disturbing reactive forces and resistances to motion that increase by the square of the reversed form of acceleration. According to an age-old maxim, "she half-pulled him down, he half-sank on her". In this play on words there lies a far deeper meaning. It would take too long here to enumerate all the catalysts with various functions, which as Goethe already recognised, form the 'connecting' emulsifying bond. They are ray-forms, upon whose function the development-disturbing rising temperature gradient and the development-fostering falling temperature gradient depend. Paramagnetic catalysts act decentratingly diamagnetic catalysts concentratingly. This fact alone pin-points the incorrect form of development, which ultimately results in the destruction of atoms. Wise Nature, on the other hand, proceeds by way of atomic transformation, which from, a biological viewpoint is the exact opposite. Pressure and fire technology therefore produce retrogressive atomic energies, whereas implosion technology generates super-powerful, forward-thrusting atomic energies, i.e. an almost 100% formative and levitative force. And so the question arises, what actually is a catalyst? The answer is simple. It is a condenser that has been galvanically alloyed with oppositely-charged substances, which radiates predominantly negatively potentiated ray-forms into the naturalesquely inwindingly moved medium. This then activates a flowing diamagnetism, the formative and levitative force that soars upwards and sucks the generating device up in its wake, and which can be regulated by the rate of rotation. With this, the force was rediscovered that enables air-craft to overcome gravity effortlessly and stationary machines to be powered for virtually nothing. According to accounts from earlier times, the high priests of ancient cultures had a commanding knowledge of this power, which they cherished and guarded like life itself so as to be venerated as Gods for their skill. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Catalysts]

By now it ought to be quite clear that the self-accelerating economic decline now taking place throughout the whole civilised world is the biological consequence of the pre-emptive regulation of the eternal flow of evolution, and that it is high time to rectify this grave error in motion against which humanity is lost. It is therefore imperative to reorganise all contemporary economic and industrial practices. The means best suited to achieving this is the spiral whorl-pipe, which like the double meander-membrane (Repulsine) [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Catalysts]

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