noun: a set of related things that happen or are arranged in a particular order
noun: the order in which a set of things happens or is arranged
noun: the order in which the parts of a molecule or gene are arranged
noun: a part of a movie that deals with one event or that has a particular style
noun: film consisting of a succession of related shots that develop a given subject in a movie
noun: a following of one thing after another in time ("The doctor saw a sequence of patients")
noun: several repetitions of a melodic phrase in different keys
noun: serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern ("The sequence of names was alphabetical")
noun: the action of following in order ("He played the trumps in sequence")
verb: arrange in a sequence
verb: determine the order of constituents in

No present-day scientist can explain or understand the quintessential nature of 'motion'. From a naturalesque standpoint, this should be viewed as a rhythmical metabolic interplay between the components of refreshing (cooling) suction and fatiguing (paralysing) pressure; in other words, two constituent forces which as reactive opposites, alternately (rhythmically) act mechanically (materially) and temperature-relatedly (physically). Therefore, depending on the predominance of either the suction or the pressure component (whether the active force is material or physical is unimportant), the metaphysical formative force, or the most elemental destructive force on this planet, comes into being. As the end product of a natural or unnatural sequence of motion, it will be accelerated along either the longitudinal or the transverse axis. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Magnetism is the Function of Levitism and Electricism is the Function of Gravitism]

The recurrence of a harmonic progression or melodic figure at a different pitch or in a different key to that which it was first given. [A Dictionary of Musical Terms; Stainer, John; Barrett, W.A.; A Dictionary of Musical Terms; Novello, Ewer and Co., London, pre-1900]

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