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Isaac Newton

I hate guidelines. I find guidelines, rules and regulations to be hindrances to creativity and aspiration. Anarchy on the other hand is disorganization or chaos. A wiki is a method to organize what appears to be chaos. This seeming paradox is resolved by allowing free reign on creativity yet the organizing of that created must have certain rules or guidelines which are not cast in concrete but are flexible and SERVE the ideal.

Rules serve us - we don't serve them.

Destruction is inevitable when rules become rigid or deified and like a sealed boiling pot - the creative human spirit will render such a lock-down situation into chaos. SVP is about exalting the human spirit not imprisoning it in another straight-jacket belief system.

Wikis are designed to be wide open white sheets that are developed along a theme or topic. In our case the theme is outlined on the HomePage and Executive Synopsis; i.e., a science, philosophy and art of the natural universe (more or less). The "How" and the "Why" (mental/spiritual) is more important than the "What" or "Who" (physical/egoic). As long as we keep to our central theme we'll be alright.

Due to the nature of our topic, where everyone on the planet has their own theories, it behooves us to keep in mind the works of Keely, Russell, Cayce et al as guiding lights otherwise we run the risk of loosing focus and will get off into sophist absurdity. If we wish to have a meaningful impact on society our work must be as tight as possible yet not constrained so much we choke ourselves off. We can be tight by referencing statements, facts, other work and supporting research and researchers. We can make our work more understandable with illustrations, artwork, simplifications, spreadsheets, sketches, videos, photos, metaphors and relative stories.

If you see a phrase or word you think you can expand upon feel free to edit and/or link to/from it. The same goes for typos, misspellings and grammatical errors. If you feel a point would be better understood with an illustration then please feel free to illustrate it. If you encounter a broken link or syntax error either correct it or notify the originator or admin.

Things we ought not to do:

post copyrighted materials from other people - if done then must give source/credit. promote any one religion (belief system). hassle or contend with other editors and their contributions. post anything you (or I) might regret later.

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