6.14 - Sphere and Cube

Within a cube the triune vortex created sphere will appear and have its being. Dynamism is represented by the dynamical motions creating the circle and sphere while rigidity is represented by the fixity of the square and cube, ala Fuller. Relative gyroscopic motions on three orthogonal planes will create gyroscopic stability in three dimensions/vectors. Considering these relative motions as relative, arithmetical and proportional harmonics, it can be seen the fractal nature of imbeddedness (nesting) of interpenetrating dimensionality:

"If you study figures 19 to 43 for better comprehension of this effect, then realize that Nature does not allow any explosion anywhere without repeating it all over her universe, you will soon become familiar with her simple processes. The eight explosions shown in Fig. 77 are in cube relation to explosive charges placed out in open space in a cubic relation to each other. If they expanded into spheres, such as you see in Fig. 78 there would be a lot of empty space between them which Nature does not allow, so they continue to expand until they fill all space. Curvature then disappears and so, also, does motion - as shown in Fig. 79. Every point on every face of those resultant cubes is zero in potential and motion, for they are planes of magnetic Light. They are also mirrors which reverse all direction of motion,

[p. 290]

Curvature Appears

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Fig. 77, 78, 79. The outward pressures of radiation and centrifugal force lose all spherical form and curvature by disappearance into the six planes of zero curvature, which bound all cubic wave-fields." [Atomic Suicide, page 289-290]

See Figure 6.17 - Areas and Volumes - Relations and Proportions

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